We learned alongside our craftsmen how to harvest wool, dye it, weave it... We perpetuate with them this tradition that we love so much.

We prioritize the well-being of our goats. They move freely in the peaceful plains following the nomadic life of our shepherds. They live in their natural condition and the wool is harvested in the spring, when the temperatures warm up. The fibers are taken from the winter coat of the Zaalaa Jints goat using a gentle brushing technique to preserve the quality of the fibers as well as animal welfare.

We share the requirements of this noble material with our teams: quality is paramount. The fibers are sorted to keep only the longest, finest and whitest. For knitting, the mesh is perfectly adjusted so that the material is flexible and resistant while keeping this incomparable softness.

We work as a family and are loyal to our teams, we have been working with the same craftsmen since the beginning of this adventure. We cherish this relationship of benevolence and exchange throughout the manufacturing process: first recovering the raw materials, then the spinning and processing of the fibers as well as the making of the fabrics and finally the manufacture of the garment.

Our collections are designed in the south of France and our image is designed in our Parisian offices.

Our goal is to offer accessible and eco-responsible clothing. We are aware of the issues related to human activity on the environment and wish to achieve an ecological balance. We thus put people at the heart of our exchanges and work with materials from sustainable sources. Also, not having a shop allows us to keep a fair price, in line with our values:

from the hands of the producer to yours, precisely.