Article 9- Delivery

  1. 1. Definition

Delivery means the transfer to the consumer of physical possession or control of the good.

  1. 2. Delivery time

The professional seller undertakes, in accordance with the delivery deadline indicated on the site for each of the products, to deliver the products within 30 days after receipt of the order.

  1. 3. Late delivery

When the ordered product is not delivered, the consumer may, after having unsuccessfully requested the seller to fulfill his delivery obligation within a reasonable additional period, terminate the contract by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or by writing. on another durable support.

  1. 4. Place of delivery

The products are delivered to the address indicated by the customer on the order form.

  1. 5. Delivery terms

Delivery is made by direct delivery of the product to the buyer or, failing that, by the seller sending a notice of availability to the buyer.

Within fifteen days of the notice of availability, the buyer must collect the ordered product.

In the absence of withdrawal within the indicated period, the seller may, after formal notice from the buyer which remains without effect, proceed with the withdrawal, automatically cancel the order and retain the deposit paid as compensation.

When the product is delivered to the address indicated on the order form by a carrier, it is up to the buyer to check in the presence of the deliverer the condition of the product delivered and, in the event of damage or missing parts, to express reservations on the delivery note or on the transport receipt, and possibly refuse the product and notify the seller.

  1. 6. Product conformity

If the product does not conform to the order, the consumer must send a complaint to the professional seller with a view to obtaining replacement of the product or possibly resolution of the sale.

  1. 7. Unavailability of products

In the event of unavailability of the products upon delivery, the professional seller may offer reimbursement under the conditions provided for in article 3-4 of the General Terms and Conditions.

  1. 8. Failure to deliver

Total failure to deliver automatically results in the termination of the sales contract.

  1. 9. Delivery and transfer of risk

The risks of loss or damage to the goods are transferred to the consumer at the moment when he, or a third party designated by him, takes physical possession of the goods, without distinction according to their nature.

The product, which is delivered to the consumer by a carrier chosen by the seller, travels at the seller's risk.

The product, which is delivered to the consumer by a carrier chosen by him, travels at the consumer's risk from the moment the goods are handed over to the carrier.

  1. 10. Transfer of ownership

From the delivery date indicated in the order form, ownership of the product is transferred to the buyer, except in the case where full payment of the price has not been collected when ordering (see article 5-5 T&Cs).

Article 10 – Returns

  1. 01 . Return to sender of packages

In the event of a package being returned to the sender due to NPAI (Does not live at the Address Indicated), unclaimed or refused, we will reimburse the amount of the order excluding delivery costs.

  1. 02 . Return of goods

For any return of an item within 30* days of receipt of the order, we undertake to reimburse the Customer's account used during the purchase (Paypal or payment card), corresponding to the price of the product(s) excluding shipping costs, within a maximum period of 30* days after receipt of the products.

To be accepted, returns must meet the following characteristics:

- The product(s) must never have been worn outdoors. The product(s) must be in new condition,

- The returned product(s) must correspond to the delivered product(s),

- The product(s) is (are) returned in its original packaging in good condition (one plastic packaging per product), all in a correctly closed package,

- The product(s) is (are) returned within 30 days following receipt of the order,

- Empty packaging will result in a refusal for any exchange or refund.

Please note: If the product does not meet our return conditions, we will not be able to accept it. Therefore, if the customer wishes to recover their item, the return costs are their responsibility.

In order to improve return conditions, we advise you to contact us via the contact form on the website.

The return address will be sent to you when you request your return.

Return costs are the responsibility of the Customer.

Please note: Additional discounts applied following a minimum number of pieces purchased will be deducted during the partial refund if the number of pieces is no longer reached.

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